Our Platform

Our platform is an end-to-end pharmacy platform covering everything from e-commerce to market leading last-mile services. We enable the digital pharmacy, where relevant knowledge is always easily accessible to the professionals in the pharmacy and where new knowledge is constantly captured and built into future customer interactions.

The end customers of our platform are offered a safe method of accessing all pharmacy products available in the market, obtain personalized, discrete guidance and ultimately receive their order quickly.

End-to-end pharmacy

The platform includes all functionalities related to the pharmacy operations, including selection, substitution and changing of medicine orders, decision-support for pharmacy control procedures, including checking for medicine related issues, interactions, potential overordering of same substance etc.

The fully integrated e-commerce stack is adapted for the heavily regulated, and often dynamic external requirements of the pharmacy sector.

Customer service is integrated in the customer facing part of the platform, including both anonymous or non-anonymous chat, phone, and email customer interactions. The customers are directly funneled through to either front-end customer service, covering general questions and issues or to the back-end customer service, where pharmacists and other specialized personnel addresses more personal and complicated questions, including medicine questions.

Our vision

Our vision of the future pharmacy is less of a place where you get your medicine and more a place where you can access trusted information and guidance related health. This will increasingly include digital healthcare products that often can substitute or support a medicine-based treatment.